E. coli PanType AS-2 Kit

(item number 246400096)

The PanType AS-1 Kit combines three individual assays on one and the same microarray. This includes sets of oligonucleotides for detection of virulence genes and resistance genes and for H/O Serogenotyping. This assay simultaneously screens for several hundred markers. Thus it replaces a multitude of PCRs and serological tests saving considerable time and resources.


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Alere Technologies provides customised manufacturing of microarrays mounted in ArrayTube, ArrayTube2 and/or ArrayStrip. You decide which markers/genes you focus on. It is possible to adapt the existing assays/gene lists according to your requirements!

Genotyping Service

Please send either a clonal culture (e.g., suitable agar plate, stab culture or swab) or a high quality DNA preparation into our lab. We do the genotyping and you get a result file in electronic form. On request, we will perform a phenotypical characterization of antibiotic susceptibility and/or species identification by a VITEK-2 System (bioMérieux Deutschland GmbH).

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