P. aeruginosa Genotyping Kit 2

(item number: 245600096)

P. aeruginosa Genotyping Kit 2 allows genotypic characterisation of P. aeruginosa isolates for research and epidemiological applications. It is a quick and simple method for the DNA-based assignment of unknown P. aeruginosa isolates to phylogenetic lineages and thus it can be used to prove or to rule out identity of isolates, e.g., for epidemiological or infection control purposes and for population studies, RNA-free, unfragmented genomic DNA from pure and monoclonal P. aeruginosa colony material is amplified approximately 50-fold and internally labelled with biotin-11-dUTP using a linear amplification protocol. Resulting biotin labelled ssDNA is transferred and hybridised to DNA oligonucleotide microarrays with 99 probes for different genetic markers plus controls. The resulting typing data provide information for kinship analysis by assigning numerical codes to hybridisation patterns, that easily can be stored and compared to profiles of other isolates. Strain assignment using this information was described in detail by Wiehlmann et al. 2007, PNAS vol. 104 no. 19, p. 8101-8106


The array contains three different kinds of markers and each marker is represented by one or more probes:

  • 16 markers for kinship analysis (represented in total by 36 different probes)
  • 39 markers of the so called accessory genome (represented in total by 39 different probes) which may be used for the analysis of microevolutionary events
  • 24 probes for internal control of the analytic process.
  • sample report page 1 and page 2


Geno- and Pathotyping of Pseudomonas aeruginosa/Geno- und Pathotypisierung von Pseudomonas aeruginosa.L. Wiehlmann, B. Siebert, B. Tümmler, G. Wagner, P. Slickers, E. Müller; BioForum 06/2004.

Population structure of Pseudomonas aeruginosa.

Wiehlmann L., Wagner G., Cramer N., Siebert B., Gudowius P., Morales  G., Köhler T., van Delden, C., Weinel C., Slickers P., Tümmler B.; PNAS 2007.


Alere Technologies provides customised manufacturing of microarrays mounted in ArrayTube, ArrayTube2 and/or ArrayStrip. You decide which markers/genes you focus on. It is possible to adapt the existing assays/gene lists according to your requirements!

Genotyping Service

Please send either a clonal culture (e.g., on a suitable growth medium, stab culture or swab) or a high quality DNA preparation into our lab. We do the genotyping and you get a result file in electronic form. On request, we also can perform a phenotypical characterization including antibiotic susceptibility tests and/or species identification using the VITEK-2 system (bioMérieux).

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