ShigaToxType AS-2 Kit

(item number 245900096)

Identify the Shiga toxin 1 and 2 subtypes

The assay allows rapid, economic and standardized DNA-based subtyping of all known Shiga toxin subtypes (Stx variants classified according to the nomenclature of Scheutz et al. 2012) directly from colony material in a short time. Furthermore, the identification of both, single and multiple Stx subtypes within a clonal isolate is feasible.

Assay Principle

Family, genus and species controls

Family, genus and species specific markers were included to identify Enterobacteriaceae (Shigella spp. / EIEC or Escherichia coli) and distinguish them from other species which might contaminate the sample (Citrobacter freundii/braakii, Salmonella spp., Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Klebsiella pneumoniae and Acinetobacter baumannii).  


Development of a Rapid Microarray-Based DNA Subtyping Assay for the Alleles of the Shiga toxins 1 and 2 of Escherichia coli.
Geue L, Stieber B, Monecke S, Engelmann I, Gunzer F, Slickers P, Braun SD, Ehricht R.(2014) J Clin Microbiol. Jun 4. pii: JCM.01048-14.  

Multicenter evaluation of a sequence-based protocol for subtyping Shiga toxins and standardizing Stx nomenclature.
Scheutz F, Teel LD, Beutin L, Piérard D, Buvens G, Karch H, Mellmann A, Caprioli A, Tozzoli R, Morabito S, Strockbine NA, Melton-Celsa AR, Sanchez M, Persson S, O'Brien AD. (2012) J Clin Microbiol. Sep;50(9):2951-63.  


Alere Technologies provides customised manufacturing of microarrays mounted in ArrayTube, ArrayTube2 and/or ArrayStrip. You decide which markers/genes you focus on. It is possible to adapt the existing assays/gene lists according to your requirements!

Genotyping Service

Please send either a clonal culture (e.g., suitable agar plate, stab culture or swab) or a high quality DNA preparation into our lab. We do the genotyping and you get a result file in electronic form.

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