The ArrayTube2 is one of our most recent innovations, com­bining the high spot density microarray of the ArrayStrip with the option of single microarray pro­cessing in low throughput settings. Consequently, upon request any of our ArrayStrip based assays is also available with the ArrayTube2 platform. The improved sealing of the ArrayTube2 bottom, the microarray is fixed to, perfectly prevents leakage and, thus, any loss of precious sample or reagent. As with all our OpenPlatform products, probes may consist of nucleic acids, proteins, peptides, antibodies or antigens. Each ArrayTube2 is labelled with a unique data matrix code specifying the array layout and assay as well as its individual identity, thus ensuring complete trace­ability from the final microarray product back through the entire manufacturing history.


The ArrayTube2 is another typical OpenPlatform application, open to your specific set of probes and customized to your exact requirements, which you already appreciate with ArrayOnDemand. We support you with preliminary bioinformatics, micro­array layout design, manufacturing of your ArrayTube2, reagents and protocol templates, reader and validated evaluation software. Just contact us, and let us compose your customized array together in compliance with your distinct ideas.

ArrayTube2 Features

  • Custom de­sign of mi­cro­ar­rays for pro­tein or nu­cleic acid based as­says
  • 4 x 4 mm mi­cro­ar­ray car­rying up to 540 probe spots (at spot di­stance = 160 µm)
  • Easy and efficient multiplex diagnosis for low and medium throughput testing at cost-effective input of sample material and hands on time
  • Processing with conventional laboratory equipment

  • Application of well-proven protocol templates for precipitation or fluorescent staining of serological or nucleic acid based microarray assays
  • Automated production process provides for complete traceability that allows for IVD approval of your assay
  • Compatible with all our readers ATR03, ArrayMate (precipitation staining) and ATR-Fluo (Cy5 detection only)

ArrayTube2 Application

The ArrayTube2 is perfectly suited for parallel testing of a multitude of parameters in a low or medium throughput mode, for stepwise assay development and research use, as well as for routine sample testing even under IVD regulations. It was made for all kinds of assays utilizing precipitation staining, but also works with fluorescence detection (Cy5 only)

ArrayTube2 Access

The ArrayTube2 platform is available in collaborative development of a laboratory diagnostic product, pre­ferably aiming at a subsequent supplier partnership. We support the transfer of existing test procedures as well as the setup of new assays complying with the ArrayTube2 platform, by carrying out feasibility stu­dies and assay development on behalf of our part­ners. We supply disposables, reagents, readers and evaluation software. For detailed information, please consider our OEM & Licensing chapter, and do not hesitate to contact us via cct.home(at)