Iconoclust is the imaging tool for array analysis in research and HTS (high through put screening).

Fast and Automated Analysis

New bioarray technologies allow the generation of integrated microarrays in high quantities for HTS (high through put screening).Fast and efficient software systems are featured. IconoClust can accomplish the automated image analysis of slides and integrated arrays within minutes.

Maximum of Individual Adaptation

The "black box" principle is an uncertain route to successful imaging. IconoClust is founded on transparent analysis methods. Its open program platform, uncovered API (application program interface) and straightforward features guarantee that IconoClust will easily adapt to user-specific needs and requirements.

Competent Solutions

Based on our expertise in bioarray development and applications, IconoClust is designed to meet the needs of highly demanding imaging software, and ensures a high level of data integrity. Even spots of low intensity or quality are recognizable. With IconoClust, both single images or series of images can be analyzed.

Main Features

  • Imaging software for arrays, slides and microplates
  • Support of different labeling/ detection methods (fluorescence and non fluorescence markers)
  • Easy Handling


  • Automatic or semiautomatic spot recognition
  • Image Acquisition via twain interface
  • Advanced image and spot visualization tools (e.g. 3D view, Histogram)
  • Scriptable for user or product specific adaptation
  • Flexible Presentation Layer Database Interface PDF Protocol output