Report Generator

The Report Generator is a software tool to create reports using the assay software normally used and installed on the ArrayMate. It uses an image taken by the ATR03, ArrayMate or the ATR-Fluo or a txt file (raw signal data file) and generates reports from the raw signal data.

It also provides the opportunity to acquire an image from the ATR03 Reader and process it into a raw signal data file (.txt) or into a HTML / PDF report.

You can find example reports on each assay's subpage or in the product catalog.


  1. Windows PC with Windows 7 (32bit or 64bit)
  2. Iconoclust must be installed (see downloads)
  3. additional Modules for the ArrayMate (SDK) (see downloads)
  4. the assay software (assay plugin) for your assay (e.g. e.Coli)


please follow the following installation instructions :

  • install Iconoclust (see downloads on the right)
  • install the Additional Modules (SDK)
  • install the Assay Software for your plattform (e.g. s.Aureus Assay Software Plugin )
  • install the Report Generator
  • configure the Report Generator if necessary (see Manual) 

It is important to install the Iconoclust Software first!