Alere™ q HIV-1/2 Detect for Early Infant Diagnosis

This simple yet smart assay provides next generation virological HIV-1 and HIV-2 results at the point of care within 52 minutes. Perfectly suited for the challenges of virological testing in infants and adults in resource limited settings.

Product not available in US.

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Photo: Alere™ q HIV-1/2 Detect Cartridge



Simple Procedure

Blood is collected from the patient through either a finger or heel prick sampling technique, or venous blood draw, and applied directly into the cartridge.

Reliable results

Only 25 µL of peripheral blood is required to deliver lab accurate results for the detection of HIV-1 and HIV-2 in less than an hour.

Easily stored and shipped

The cartridge and its content can be shipped and stored at room temperature removing the complexity of cold chain logistics.