Antibody Screening and Characterization

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We detect the perfectly matching antibody(-pair) to a specific antigen with our most efficient technology*!

  • extremely time-saving and resource-efficient
  • you define specificity and sensitivity
  • minimal volume of antibody needed (significantly less than with established techniques)
  • significant cost saving

You send us:

  • purified monoclonal antibodies (mAB)
  • purified antigens or antigens in assay specific sample (human/animal blood, buffer, supernatant of bacterial culture etc.)
  • specifications of your assay (goal, specificity, sensitivity) - with NDA when needed

You get:

the test results with perfectly matching antibody or antibody-pairs to be used according to your specifications. No single pairing missed.

Please contact us by e-mail [at] or phone +49 - (0)3641 - 3111 - 0 for further information.

*To receive further information regarding our Open Platform systems ArrayTube and ArrayStrip.