ArrayStrip Platform

Each well contains one chip
Grafik: Array Strip

With the ArrayStrips (AS), the reliable ArrayTube Platform is available in a parallel, microplate compatible format. The ArrayStrips (AS) combine the advantages of micro probe arrays with standard 96 well format for high volume testing. Each ArrayStrip consists of a standard 8-well strip with a high quality microarray integrated in the bottom of each well. Up to 12 ArrayStrips can be inserted into one microplate frame enabling the parallel multiparameter testing of up to 96 samples.

AS chip with 19x19 probe molecules; array size: 3 mm x 3 mm
Grafik: AS chip with 19x19 probe molecules

Custom Probe Arrays

ArrayStrips are provided with custom micro probe arrays for nucleic acid- and protein-based applications. Each AS chip has a size of 4 mm x 4 mm, enabling the deposition of up to 28 x 28 features incl. reaction control and reference marker spots. After completion of probe array manufacturing, fully automated mounting of the biochips into ArrayStrip well is performed.

AS Testing

Detection of the test specific interaction pattern on each AS array is performed in combination with the method of precipitation staining, where a catalytically induced precipitate directly correlates to the amount of target molecules binding to the array. Reading of the resulting precipitation patterns is done with the ArrayMate instrument enabling the automated and comfortable analysis of up to 12 ArrayStrips (=96 tests) within minutes.

AS Features

  • AS arrays with up to 28x28 features incl. reaction control marker spots
  • Oligonucleotide, polynucleotide, and protein (antibodies, antigens) probe arrays
  • Easy and affordable mutliplex diagnostics saving costs and sample material
  • High volume testing in routine labs
  • Protocol templates for serological and nucleic acid based applications
  • Manufacturing according to regulatory IVD needs

AS Applications

The ArrayStrip platform can be applied for serological and immunological as well as for nucleic acid based assays. It is optimally suited for the efficient conversion of existing tests as well as the development of new assays. Depending on the individual application, initial assay protocols can be provided.
For more information on assay development and adaptation, please contact us.

AS Access

The ArrayStrip platform is available for diagnostic product development on a collaborative basis preferably aiming in a supplier partnership at the end of the development. We support the transfer of existing or the setup of new assays into the AS platform by carrying out feasibility studies and assay development on behalf of our partners.
AS consumables and ASP instruments are provided customised according to the agreements between the partners.

For more information, please view at OEM & Licensing.