Array Tube platform
Grafik: Array Tube

Our ArrayTube (AT) platform consists of a custom micro probe array (the biochip) integrated into a micro reaction vial. Depending on the individual assay, nucleic acid as well as protein and peptide based arrays can be manufactured. Each AT is labeled with a unique data matrix code (a two-dimensional bar code) identifying array and related assay.

AT chip incl. 14x14 oligonucleotide probes (array size: 2 x 2 mm)
Grafik: AT chip incl. 14x14 oligonucleotide probes

Custom Probe Arrays

We manufacture the micro probe arrays customised for individual applications with oligonucleotide, polynucleotide or protein/peptide probe molecules. Each AT chip with dimensions of 3 mm x 3 mm can be provided with up to 14x14 features incl. reaction control and reference marker spots.

AT Testing

AT testing is performed in combination with the method of precipitation staining, which perfectly suits to both serological and nucleic acid based analysis. Our technology is based on the catalytically induced precipitation which directly correlates to the amount of target molecules binding to the array. Analysis of the resulting precipitation pattern is done by simple transmission measurements, leading to the effective reduction of the input in optical equipment. For reading and analysis, with ATR 03 and ARRAYMATE we provide two instruments meeting the needs of assay development as well as of routine applications.

typical AT test workflow
Grafik: typical AT test workflow
comfortable microarray processing with standard lab equipment
Grafik: comfortable microarray processing with standard lab equipment

AT Features

  • Custom probe arrays for serological and nucleic acid based formats
  • Easy & user friendly processing with conventional lab equipment
  • Application of robust colorimetric staining protocol
  • High volume manufacturing according to regulatory IVD needs

AT Applications

The ArrayTube platform is best suited for assay development in academia and in professional IVD lab diagnostics. Applications range from serological and immunological multiplex testing with both antigene and antibody arrays to bacterial and viral detection, predisposition diagnostics, and other tests in human as well as in veterinary diagnostics (please refer to our publications list).
In addition, the AT is a cost and time efficient tool for screening and validation of potential biomarkers. Complete marker libraries or series can be deposited  onto one AT-array enabling their parallel analysis in one test at identical experimental conditions. No more time consuming serial binding studies are necessary, only minimal amounts of both marker and sample material are required.

AT Access

The ArrayTube platform is available in collaborative and licensing projects aiming in development and commercialisation of tests in lab diagnostics. AT consumables, instruments, and software will be manufactured customised and are preferably available within supplier agreements.
Besides this we are providing the AT platform in an "open" format for groups, that are developing tests for their own analytical (non-diagnostic) purposes. Here, the customer will specify application, and we supply disposables and instruments. For more information, please view at OEM & Licensing.

Test Workflow

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