ArrayMate Reader

(item number 200501000)

Array Analysis in 96 Well Format

Designed to meet the needs for routine testing in professional diagnostic labs, ARRAYMATE enables the rapid and automated recording and analysis of array images generated in the ArrayStrip platform. In combination with our robust colorimetric detection method, the instrument analyses test specific interaction patterns on ArrayStrip arrays carrying multiple diagnostic features within minutes.

The ARRAYMATE device is provided with a powerful integrated PC unit for the parallel performance of image detection and analysis. In addition to the ArrayStrip reading unit, the instrument comprises an ArrayTube rack enabling detection and analysis of up to six ArrayTubes.
The system is completed with external TFT screen, keyboard, and mouse for comfortable user interaction.


  • Automated reading and analysis of ArrayStrip and ArrayTube tests
  • Powerful PC unit for rapid analysis of up to 96 multiparameter tests in parallel
  • Integrated data matrix reading for platform and assay identification
  • Worklist import
  • Interface for external data transfer and data printing
  • Complies with current IVD guidelines
array image and raw data presentation in ArrayMate development mode

Image Analysis & Result Presentation

For application in routine diagnostics, the device can be provided in the end user mode with minimal user interaction and the generation of assay specific test reports.  If the device is used for assay development and validation, it can be run in the development mode providing detailed result data like mean, background, signal confidence, and raw image of each single recorded array.


Due to the latest security issues (WannaCry) with Windows XP we strongly recommend installing this patch!

Technical Specifications