ATR 03 Reader

(item number 200401000)

With the ArrayTube Reader ATR 03, we provide an instrument optimally designed for assay development in our open platforms. Based on transmission detection, the reader records the test specific interaction pattern on an AT-chip and transfers it into grey value image data in csv format. The compact device is equipped with an USB camera interface enabling the easy connection to a PC or laptop to run image acquisition and analysis. Its open software supports the development and application of custom image analysis procedures. Various data exchange formats are implemented.


  • Compact and affordable device
  • LED-illumination & CCD-based transmission detection
  • USB 2.0 camera interface for comfortable and universal computer control
  • Flexible software tools for custom adaptation of all image acquisition and analysis steps

Image Analysis

AT image recording and analysis is controlled by our powerful array analysis software IconoClust. During image analysis, image signals are transferred into grey value data specific for each spot of an AT-array. Besides mean and background value of each spot typical result data comprise information on the confidence of a signal and its validity. Exported as txt or csv data, results are easily available for further custom analysis.

Technical Specification

Optics CCD-based transmission detection
Computer interface USB 2.0
Operating temperature 15°C-30°C (59°-86°F)
Storage temperature -10°C-50°C
Sunlight No direct sunlight
Measures (length x width x high) 80 x 120 x 155 mm
Mass 0,88 kg
Operating voltage 5 V via USB 2.0
Consumption 1.5 W (max.)